Make it uncomfortable for old leaders to remain in Government-Fmr President Olusegun Obasanjo

Former Nigerian leader ,Olusegun Obasanjo has urged Nigerian youth to mobilize and make the country’s leadership position unbearable for old leaders.He said this while he was interviewed virtually by an Academiac and Historian,TOYIN FALOLA.

Giving answers to questions presented to him by youths,during the teleconference, the  former President said,

you youths have everything going for you and i don’t want you to feel discouraged, things are bad in Nigeria but I believe it is only for a short while,because it all depends on you”.

He went on to admit his generation has done a lot of wrong to the country than good,saying its now up to the youths to make things better.

He asked youth not to just sit and complain expecting something to happen overnight, but to develop themselves in preparation to be leaders.

He added that,getting the old folks to leave hold of power will be difficult, but if the youths can bring up pressure to bear,it can be possible, urging youths not to use violence to go about it but peacefully and hopefully it will work out.

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He stated this on Sunday;

Whatever my generation might have done wrong –and I will be the first to admit that my generation has done a lot of wrong, (but) it is for your generation to do it better.

“Don’t just sit down and complain. Sitting down and complaining will make you be on the same level and you have to get what I called critical mass of likeminded people who will be ready to say let us bring about the change. You can bring about the change if you get critical mass of people that are ready to slug it out.

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“When people say when will these old hags go out of the way? I tell them they won’t go out of the way, you have to make them go out of the way. They won’t voluntarily go out of the way, you have to make it uncomfortable for them; I am not talking of violence but bringing pressure to bear to make it uncomfortable for them to go out of the way.”

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