Nigerians Hate S€x But “Coming” Is Now Number One Song.

Marlian president Naira Marley,has come out to put some things straight, after many people claimed not to like his new song ” Coming “,which he collaborated  with South African female music sensation Busiswa.

Naira MarleyBusiswa

Actually, the song can be said to be a sex kind of track, as all the lyrics are directly related to sexuality.

However,the song became number one without radio or television airplay,as it is restricted and rated as a discreet content.

But despite all this,the song still maintain the top spot in the country, as its now the highest streaming song on” Apple Music” in Nigeria. The big question now is, how did this happen? Given to the fact that majority of people were against the song.

Naira Marley himself, has however, came out to respond to all the dragging by those who claimed he is polluting the minds of the listeners with songs about sexuality.


Via a post,the singer talked about what motivated him to make the song,saying he knew Nigerians love sex,but also pretend not to.

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In his words he said:

I released a sex song called ” Coming ” in a country where everybody loves sex and lies about it and people think I’m stupid.Nobody’s listening to ” Coming ” apparently but it’s on number 1.

I come in peace sha💦.

In a related post,he emphasized more on the idea of sex,its importance and relevance to human survivor.And also letting fans know that,his song ” Coming ” is now the most streamed Nigerian song on Apple music.He also said that if no one loves the song,how then did it find it way to the number one spot,which means they condemn it in public and vibe to the song in secret.

Caption reads:

Humans love sex,we need sex,it’s how we connect, it reminds UA we’re alive, it’s the third most basic human need,after food and water.


Many social media users have jumped in on the matter, many people are in support of Naira Marley. We are going to show you some of the tweets below:

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See some lyrics to the song below:

Lyrics to coming

A Challenge has also been organized by the Marlian president for the song, were you’re to make a video of yourself, alongside a guy or lady,dancing while demonstrating sexuality,using the Hash tag #Coming.

Many people have participated in the challenge,including celebrities, some of the video we will be showing you below:


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