Obafemi Martins And Burnaboy’s Fight Far From Over.

Obafemi Martins is a former Nigerian striker and goal machine, he has recently been involved in a heated feud with the self acclaimed African giant Burnaboy over claims that he disrespected him while they met at a popular club in Lagos.

Obafemi Martins and Burnaboy feud

After the incident, rapper CDQ came out via social media to call out Burnaboy for disrespecting the football star, thereafter, telling him to gather himself and his boys to go and tender a sincere apology to the striker, stating that the player is not “Anybody’s mate” not even Burnaboy, so as such he deserves his respect in full from everybody.

Later that evening, a video emerged were the three were having a nice time together, Obafemi Martins,Burnaboy and CDQ,inside a club. After the video came out,many were with the believe that their differences has been put behind them, and the fight for superiority was finally over,but however the feud rejuvenated after Burnaboy posted a video on his official Twitter page,showing cars in his garage, but a fan of the football legend immediately replied with a photo of Obafemi Martins standing beside one of his sport car alleged to be valued at around $280,000(N88 million) With the caption “I am still clear”. Which spikes lots of reaction from social media users.

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The comparison between the football star and the hip hop singer is not ready to go away anytime soon, as fans have now taken over the fight, as such they use the wealth of both celebrities to determine who is superior to the other.

See Burnaboy’s post below:

Check out the reply the fan gave to Burnaboy’s post that sparked lots of reactions.

Many social media users are of the opinion that the music star can not stand side by side with the 36 years old football star in terms of property values and net worth.

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Obafemi Martins and Burnaboy feud

Fans from both sides are not ready to shift swords yet,as more comparison is being made to determine their superiority, even though the two parties involved in the fracas are already at peace With each other. Fans from the Obafemi camp continues to dish out photos of his properties and cars,while Burnaboy in response to the numerous support for the football star released a short clip of his car garage, which he posted on his official Twitter page,with the caption “Riding dirty”.

Obafemi Martins and Burnaboy feud

According to reports Obafemi Martins is worth around $25 million, with his houses in Lagos and Italy were he spent most of his football career.

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