May D Reveals Not One, but Three Wicked Things He Experienced Under P-Square

May D Reveals Not One, but Three Wicked Things He Experienced Under P-Square

Finally Nigerian and DMW records singer May D disclosed the real truth why he left the Psquare group checkout the full video right here right now.

May D Reveals Not One, but Three Wicked Things He Experienced Under P-Square

At this point, it is not news to anybody who follows Nigerian entertainment news that singer May-D who was signed to P-Square’s record label Square Records and was part of the major P-Square hit Chop My Money also dropped his own hit songs like Ile Ijo and Soundtrack before parting ways unamicably with the label.

The singer is now doing his own thing and has signed to another popular record label, Davido Music Worldwide (DMW). But in a new interview he had with rapper and actor Ikechukwu, the singer still recounted a number of things he experienced during that time. While he didn’t want to really talk about the subject for too long, in the time when he spoke about it, May D revealed not one, not two, but three very wicked things he experienced while under Square Records. Here is what he said about it all.

1. He Got No Money For His Biggest Songs

Will you believe it if I told you that while songs like Ile Ijo and Soundtrack where making waves around the nation and becoming some of the biggest songs of those years, that May D, the artiste behind those songs wasn’t getting anything from them because he didn’t even have the paperwork to get any sort of compensation for it. He said:

When I was in Square Records, everything was going really smooth. Everything was nice. The songs were good, the songs were top-notch, they were hits. The only thing that happened was when we decided to turn it into a real business and structure it. I had dropped Ile Ijo, I had dropped Soundtrack, we had done The Invasion album (without paperwork) and then the contract p came up and from there everything started going left.

2. He Had No Shows

You would think that because May D had some of the biggest songs in the country, that he would also be booking shows and getting paid right? Nope! May D revealed to Ikechukwu saying:

I had no shows when I was with them. They never got me one show. I was only playing shows with them that they never paid me for.

3. They Didn’t Want To Give Him A Contract

May D said they didn’t want to give him a contract and that they never did till he got a show in London. He said about it:

I was just enjoying myself. I wasn’t smart enough to know that I was meant to — you know, I can’t blame them. It was business. When I now became smart and knew I was meant to be collecting bar, I’ve not even made one show of my own… I think I now got a show in London and then they now gave me a contract which they said they were never going to give me. In the beginning when I asked for a contract, they said “No oh, we don’t need your money. How much do you want to be making for us? Do you know how much we make?” which is true because they were making so much money. So they probably were looking like, “this guy how much you wan make for us? When you make your money just dey do your thing” cuz that was the plan.

I’m happy to see that May D is now past this point and is hopeful for the future and excited about putting out his new music. It’s sad that he was taken advantage of like that in the beginning. It’s good to see that he says he has no bad blood with them, because that certainly makes him a better man than me o! I would have had a lot of anger and bitterness still in me, I can’t even lie 😂


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