Chioma’s Bride Price Has Been Refunded To Davido – Kemi.

Chioma’s union with Davido is under threat,following numerous speculations and counter allegations.

The controversies surrounding the relationship between Nigerian singer and songwriter Davido and his fiancee of four years Chioma Rowland, is far from over.Cases of cheating and unfaithfulness has over the weeks being an issue of concern, as both are seen via leaked videos and photos cheating.

Chioma's bride price has been refunded to Davido

In the case of Davido,he is alleged to be cheating with American model and Instagram personality Mya Yafai,after in different occasions,they were seen together.In one occasion in a short video clip that surfaced online, he was seen with her,holding hands while they left the apartment, and in the latest one,he is seen kissing her passionately, inside a club in the USA.

In the past,the singer has been accused of not been loyal and faithful to his fiancee Chioma,at one point he was even accused of meeting his ex-babymama Sophia Momodu in secret. Sophia Momodu is the mother to Davido’s eldest child “Imade”.

Chioma's pride price refunded

While in Chioma’s case,she was seen in public in multiple occasions without her engagement ring,an action that rose eyebrows to ascertain what was really going on.

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Just recently, she was seen in a short video clip alongside her friend Nayomee hanging out with record Boss and CEO of Tripple G,Ubi Franklin, something that suggested that she was trying to weigh in the options in case the worse comes to worse.

Chioma Davido and Ubi Franklin

Chioma’s self esteem, has over the months reduced drastically,as a result of the internal crisis in her relationship, as she was seen dancing seductively at a friends birthday party.

Many people have been throwing in their opinion and suggestions,while some came out with speculations and allegations.

Controversial lawyer and journalist Kemi Olunloyo has also came out with some fierce speculations, were she revealed that the pride price which the singer payed on Chioma’s head has been refunded to him by her family.If this happen, Chioma’s family will take over Ifeanyi,and he will become the last child In the family.If be the case,am sure Davido won’t let it happen.

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Chioma's bride price refunded to Davido

According to the Igbo tradition, if a womans pride price is refunded to the mans family, that means he won’t have any right over the children, hence the children will be taken over by the womans family. That is because, they believe the child is born out of wedlock.She also told fans to stop praying and fasting for David,as the worse has happened.

This kind of allegations are heavy, but we hope this is just a rumor.

In her words she wrote:

Chioma’s bride price has been refunded. You can now stop fasting and praying for David😁🤪.

See the post below:

Chioma's bride price refunded to Davido

Singer Davido has took to his Instagram story to post a meme of homer Simpson retreating to the bush to avoid being seen or hiding due to shame.

Meanwhile his mistress Mya Yafai has deactivated her Instagram account with over 267k followers, after fans came for her,following the pictures of her kissing Davido emerged on social media.

See post below:

Davido's latest tweet about the Chioma's issue

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