Acclaim Wife Of Sirbalo Comedy Congratulate Him On His New 11m Benz After Loosing A 7M Lexus In December


First Week of December in 2020, Youtube content creator and skit maker sirbalo comedy Survive a fatal accident along the apapa VI Road in Lagos which took away his 7million naira SUV Lexus jeep away. just like the saying when there is life more money can be made, many of his colleague’s friends and well-wishers console him as he moves on thanking God for at least spearing his life from the fatal accident which to justify his life and he was no harm with even a crash.

at exactly three weeks later the famous skit maker and content creator posted on his official Instagram page sharing the beautiful news of his newly acquired 11million naira Benz.


which left many wonders if this how much money many of them make from the skit making business prior to that..

ifyibeli who goes by the character name ”mama” who has an episode of sirbalo and bae skit which the make together took the good news to her social media page to which him and congratulate him on his new acquired 11million Niara Benz

”here is what  she wrote in her Instagram page”

Hay papa @sirbalocomedy_ big congratulations 🎉🍾🎈 oya come pick me, I Dey ur bus stop



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  1. I really love this video and to me, the video is already a sold-out…I don’t need to think about it.

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