Obi cubana message to the youth On the upcoming Election

Obi Cubana Message to the youth On the Upcoming Election 

Odogwu Bitters in United State

As a regular writer on his Instagram page every Monday to encourage the youths He Wrote…….

Dear Youth!!
Today let’s talk about “Taking the right steps in the right direction”
As the world evolves steadily, you should continue to evolve positively with it!
Growing up, we had a mechanic that specialised in repairing Peugeot vehicles then in my hometown Oba.
He was so good that people from neighbouring towns used to bring their Peugeot of all ranges then, for him to repair.
My parents had Peugeot 504Gr and Peugeot 504L then, so we were regular clients to the mechanic.
As the world was evolving to Japanese and German vehicles, my guy was still repairing Peugeot!
At a point my parents switched to Benz 230 and Opel, my guy was still on Peugeot!
Long story short; as at the last time i came across him then, he had lost touch so much with present realities that you don’t even know where to start helping from!!
Moral of the story:
We should always upgrade our minds and move with the evolution of life!
Nothing, absolutely nothing lasts forever!
We should develop our minds and not be stagnated!
We should not only move at all times, but we MUST be seen to be moving at all times!
Take the right steps in the right direction……ALWAYS!!!
Have a blessed week 🙏

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